Covid Community Action

Ive represented my village, Alltwen in the Swansea Valley, as a Community Councillor for over three years now and am currently Chair of Cilybebyll Community Council. Unlike other elected positions, being a community councillor is a voluntary role and Ive found it to be such a rewarding one: It is the closest tier of democracy to people and is a great way of getting to know and understand the needs and character of your local neighbourhood.

As the Coronavirus crisis started to hit Wales and we edged towards the inevitable lockdown, I sensed that many of my neighbours were becoming anxious about how they would cope with everyday essential tasks such as shopping and collection of medication. I had heard how friends in Cardiff had started a volunteer network in their area and decided, that as no plan had been established by the local authority at that point, that I would do the same in my ward in my capacity as community councillor.


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Sioned Williams is your Plaid Cymru candidate for the Senedd Election in MAY 2021.

Now is the time to start planning for a new start for Neath - one which will benefit all who live and work here, and decide what our priorities should be as we deal with the effects of Covid-19 on our communities.

Sioned lives with her husband Daniel and two teenage children in Alltwen in the Neath constituency and is Chair of Cilybebyll Community Council and a long standing local school governor.

A former BBC journalist, she now works at Swansea University and her work includes organising public events and community courses on Welsh history, culture and literature across our area.

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This starts with you

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