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Don't lose out, if you are not registered to vote, you can not have a say in who represents you and your area, be it locally or nationally. Fortunately, registering is quick, easy and online at


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Postal & Proxy Vote


Postal and proxy voting is becoming more and more popular with some areas boasting more than a quarter of all votes cast using these methods.

Postal votes allow you to fit your democratic duty into your lifestyle, while proxy votes can by used to help those unable to exercise their right due to injury or illness.

Please also remember that if you like going to the polling station on Election Day you can still do that by taking your postal vote to the polling station. But if for some reason you are going to be away, a postal vote gives you flexibility and it gives you choice. It puts the power in your hands.

It's easy to apply, for information on postal, proxy and postal proxy voting just click the relevant link.

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