Neath and Swansea East members select Westminster candidate

Plaid Cymru members in the newly formed Neath and Swansea East constituency have selected Andrew Jenkins to be their candidate in the next UK general election.

Andrew Jenkins was born in Neath and grew up in Resolven, in the Neath Valley. He has worked on human rights projects at Swansea University and Age Cymru, was a Labour councillor on Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, representing Neath South, between 2012 – 2017, and is currently the community liaison officer for Sioned Williams MS.

With elections now expected to take place next year, Mr. Jenkins said: “It has been an honour to be selected as the Plaid Cymru candidate for my home constituency. This is where I was born, where I’ve grown up, and where I’m raising my own family. I’ve know the challenges our communities face, as well as the extraordinary work that is being done by many to face up to those challenges.”

Andrew has volunteered with a number of local groups and organisations, something he says opened his eyes to inspirational people around him.

“My mother is a nurse, having worked for the NHS for more decades than she’d like me to admit. She’s always been my inspiration because I’ve seen the difference she makes to people every day. When I started volunteering it opened my eyes to just how many inspirational people  are working day after day, making a difference yet are not being recognised, let alone supported. They need support, they need someone to listen to them and carry their voice right through to where decisions are being made.”

He continued. “Through my time at Swansea University on children’s rights projects, I saw children and young people who had plenty to say about issues affecting and the services that are supposedly set up to support them – and then at Age Cymru I saw the same thing on the other end of the age range. Despite having knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, they were not being seen as partners in how services are designed and delivered.”

“After thirteen years of Tory Government, we have seen our services decimated, public trust eroded, and our economy and society in crisis. If the polls are right we will finally see the back of them next year, but a change in government in London won’t make a fundamental difference to our communities in Wales unless our voices are heard.”

If you want to share your priorities for our communities with Andrew, please complete this survey.

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